PUPPI “Bio-terry” Organic cotton AI2 Insert (size M)


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“Bio-terry” Ai2 insert in M size consists of 4 layers of a unbleached, ecological cotton terry with a tiny loops which makes inserts very soft and delicate for baby’s skin. Loops make “Bio-terry” inserts very absorptive as the surface is increased comparing to other materials.

This Ai2 insert in M size will be a great solution as a single insert to use as a set with One Size wool cover. What is important that the snaps are placed only on a bottom side of an insert so the baby has a smooth side beside his bum. You attach the insert to the cover with two snaps, one on each end of the insert. This allows you to snap the insert easily and quick. When it gets dirty, you simply un-snap them with a single move of your hand and throw the insert to your dirty nappy bucket.

The possibility of snapping inserts with the wool covers lets you change the diaper very quickly, so you don’t need to worry that the insert will move or fall out while your baby is moving. This system is particularly friendly for daddies, grandmas and babysitters as well as for parents that are beginners in cloth diapering as they don’t need to think how to use the diaper. SIO system will be also great for a fast diaper changes for little runners. For babies that run away while you try to change the diaper we recommend the velcro closure. When the insert is snapped with the wool cover, putting the diaper on is exactly same as if you use disposable diaper.

Our Ai2 System consists of a wool cover and absorbent inserts which can be easily snapped together.


Compositions100% Organic Cotton
SizeMedium (33 cm long)
Dimensionslength: 33cm (13″) width: 10cm (3.95″) in the middle, 12,5cm (4.9″) at the ends
Care instructionsWash in 60’C (140’F), tumble dryer safe.
Before the first useWash at least 3 times for better absorbency. Insert reaches its full absorbency after 6-8 washing cycles.

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