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Welcome to KidVentiv!

I’d like to invite you to the cloth nappy journey. KidVentiv sell a variety of reusable nappies, cloth nappy accessories, and kids wear. We are a tiny family business owned by a stay-at-home mummy.
Our mission is to help other parents to get into cloth.

Would you like to use cloth nappies but are not sure where to start? Check out our helpful advice on how to start your reusable nappy journey today!

🌟 Important Announcement 🌟

We’re sad to announce that Kidventiv will be closing soon. But don’t worry, we’re going out with a bang! Enjoy massive discounts on all our cloth nappy products as part of our closing-down sale. Plus, we’re transferring some brands to our sister store, Eco-Poopka, so you can still get your hands on your favorite brands. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards eco-friendly parenting!


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