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  • Confused by reusable nappies? Try EasyMe!
    Are you considering using cloth nappies with your baby? That’s great! You have the motivation, you do your research, start reading, watching videos. But are you a little confused? I’m not surprised, everyone is. I was very confused at the beggining! You may think ‘where do I start with the reusable nappies?’. The amount of […]
  • EasyMe Nappy – The most straightforward reusable nappy
    EasyMe Reusable Nappy is dedicated especially for parents who take their first steps in the world of the reusable nappies. This serie of nappies is similar to disposables concerning their look and functionality. They are undoubtedly the easiest reusable nappies on the market! A number of similarities to disposable nappies are to help parents make […]




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My name is Dora and I am a Work at Home Mum running KidVentiv.

I am passionate about sustainable future and I believe that little steps taken by many can make a huge difference.

I am here to help you start your reusable nappies journey. I always put my customers and their little ones first <3.


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