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Designed as a one-size-fits-most, these nappies should fit from around 8-35* lbs.

Modern Cloth Nappies Pearl Pocket Nappy is their latest nappy, and first all-in-one nappy to launch with the new ‘shape stay’ insert.

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  • Sizing is one-size-fits-most / around 8-35* lbs
  • The attached insert folds into the pocket making this an ‘AIO’. All – In – One
  • Features our new ‘Shape Stay’ Insert
  • Insert made from a mix of Hemp & Cotton
  • Double-Gusset inside (reducing chances of leaks)
  • Super-Soft internal lining
  • Unique nappy shape for better fitting
  • 4*3 row of adjustable snaps to ensure best fit
  • Can be boosted for night-time or heavy wetters

Designed as a one-size-fits-most, these nappies should fit from around 8-35* lbs.

Our Pearl Pocket Nappy is our latest nappy, and our first all-in-one nappy to launch with our new ‘shape stay’ insert.

Our nappies are designed to grow with your little one. With 4 rows of adjustable snaps, you can adjust the waist and height of the nappy to get the perfect as your baby grows.

Our unique wing shape not only makes our nappies look great, but most importantly improves the overall fit of the nappy on your baby.

Inside you’ll find a super-soft micro fleece lining which will wick away moisture super fast, to allow your baby’s gentle skin to remain dry and keep them in ultimate comfort.

Each nappy is also fitted with a DOUBLE-GUSSET instead of just single at the legs. This is a MUST-HAVE as it reduces the chance of any wet or dirty leaks (we’ve all been there for a poo explosion right?) but it also allows more flexibility and comfort when it comes to your little one.

Our nappy has everything you need to get you started with cloth nappies. The outer part of the nappy is waterproof and the super absorbent ‘Shape Stay’ hemp/cotton mix insert is sewn onto the pocket. This means all you have to do is fold the insert over into the pocket and you are good to go!


Our brand new ‘Shape Stay’ inserts are revolutionary in the cloth nappy world! A mix of hemp and cotton creates a fantastic absorbent option for nappies however, hemp naturally shrinks up when washed and needs pulled before dried to retain its shape. However, with our revolutionary new ‘Shape Stay’ layer, this helps stop the insert from shrinking up and reduces the need to fix into shape again whilst wet! We LOVE it!

Modern Cloth Nappies are fully machine washable.

Want to use your nappy overnight? Simply boost your nappy with another insert. You will find a wide selection of inserts here.

Make the eco friendly choice in nappies and swap to cloth!


  • Simply fold the insert flat into the nappy and boost if you need!
  • Getting the right fit: Our nappies have 4 rows of adjustable poppers, this allows you to get the most comfortable fit to your baby.
  • Before first use: Wash nappy and insert(s) at max 60° with non bio-detergent 3-4 times to gain absorbency. There’s no need to dry between washes.

To prolong the life of your nappy, we recommend you wash at 40° and hang to dry.

* This is manufacturer’s recommendation and is for guidance only. Kidventiv advises that One-Size nappies fit best from around 6kg but it is strongly dependant on babies built.

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