Bells Bumz BTP Hemp & Bamboo Fitted Night Nappy


Bells Bumz Hemp Fitted Nappy + Bells Bumz Reusable Nappy wrap with double gusset make an amazing value for the money night pack.

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Bells Bumz Fitted Nappy in birth to potty size should fit around 10lb – 35lb. Perfect for those night times and heavy wetter’s. The Bells Bumz Fitted Nappies work beautifully with Bells Bumz Z Wraps

The actual reusable nappy is made up of two layers of hemp itself and included in the price are two snap in inserts:

  • One 3 layers of Hemp (55% hemp, 45% cotton)

  • one 3 layer Bamboo (80% bamboo)

so you have 8 layers of super absorbent material.

💙 Happy Cloth Nappying 💙

How to wash it:
A brand new nappy should be washed before first use.
It is recommended to wash the nappy in max 40 C.
Do not iron, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not add fabric softeners to your wash.
*  Kidventiv advises that One-Size nappies fit best from around 6kg but it is strongly dependant on babies built.

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