Baby Bare All In Two (AI2) SIDE SNAP Cloth Nappy – Diggers


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The Teddy Bare is a side snapping AI2 nappy, this means the front of the nappy overlaps the back tabs, rather then the back tabs overlapping the front panel of the nappy. It gives you a flat front on the nappy and helps show off the cute prints a little more.

The nappy has two rows of snaps allowing you to adjust the fit for the legs and waist separately. You can snap the right size for the legs and then snap further back (1 or even 2 snaps) to get it tight on the tummy. Tummy elastic also enables a firmer fit in the front, eliminating tummy gap.

The nappy has been designed to fit a large size range of children from about 4.5–5kg through to about 18kg.

The absorbent pad of the nappy is a 65cm long foldable insert which is topped with microsuede. You can also fold it back on top to have bamboo fleece against your child. The insert can be folded in half or more towards the front if that is where you use it. The bamboo is beautiful quality 450GSM fleece, making it very thirsty.

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