Pocket Reusable Cloth Nappy

A pocket nappy, also known as a pocket diaper, is a type of reusable diaper commonly used in cloth diapering. It consists of two main components: an outer waterproof shell and an inner absorbent insert. Pocket nappies can be sell together with insert or as shell only.

TJ's pocket nappy with 4 layers hemp insert
pocket nappy

The inner insert is a removable piece that is placed inside the pocket of the diaper shell. It is usually made of absorbent materials like microfiber, bamboo, hemp, or cotton. The insert absorbs and holds the baby’s urine, keeping the baby dry and comfortable. The pocket opening is located in the back or front of the diaper, allowing the insert to be easily inserted or removed. Some pocket diapers have a stay-dry lining on the inside of the shell to wick away moisture from the baby’s skin.

One of the advantages of pocket diapers is their customizability. The absorbency of the diaper can be adjusted by adding or removing inserts to meet the baby’s needs. This flexibility makes pocket diapers suitable for both daytime and nighttime use.

When the diaper is soiled, the insert needs to be removed and both the shell and insert should be washed. Many pocket diapers are designed to be machine-washable, but it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper care.

pocket nappy