How to start ? – 6 EASY TIPS

6 tips on how to start your reusable nappy journey.

Reusable cloth nappy

I’m pretty sure that every parent who considers cloth nappying is a bit lost at the very beginning. So many systems, abbreviations, various sizes, types of materials etc. It all can be very overwhelming when you start reading about reusable cloth nappies – and it’s absolutely normal! In reality it is much easier than it seems, you just need to give it a go. When you start yourself you’ll probably notice that the various options work well depending on the situation and you’ll quickly start having your own preference.


It’s impossible to say which nappy system is best as they all have their pros and cons. Currently you have many options to choose from and I encourage you to try a few before investing in the full stash. By trying diffent reusable nappy systems you have an opprotunity to test what works best for you and your little one. You can either buy 1 nappy od each system, borrow from a friend or rent from a nappy library.


Once you have tested a few systems you probably have an idea what options you like/dislike. Great! Now it’s the time to build your stash. Below you will find the most popular systems. Some parents use them interchangeble.


The majority of the reusable nappies you will find in the market are called BTP (birth-to-potty) or OS/OSFM (One-Size/One-Size Fit Most). They both indicate that the nappy should fit through the whole nappy journey and it’s possible thanks to the fasteners that allow you to adjust the size of the nappy. They are either poppers or hook&loop fasteners.


For early days and very small babies I advice to use a dedicated Newborn (Size 1) reusable nappies. This is based on my own experience and feedback from fellow cloth bum mums. For a teeny tiny baby it’s really important to have as little material at the back for their correct development. Having too much fabric under the hips could result in putting stress on the upper lumbar and lower thoracic spine. Newborn babies should keep their spine neutral and Newborn reusable nappies help to achieve the proper alignment of the spine.

BTP (Birth-to-potty) OS (One Size) Nappies

BTP/OS nappies will start fitting well at approx 6kg. This depends on the baby’s built and a nappy brand but in most cases you should be able to start using One Size nappies at around this time. Normally this size will last you till potty training. You can adjust the size of the nappy bu using the poppers.


Every child is different. Some grow faster than others, some potty train earlier, some later. Some have those cute rolled tights and some just get thinner straight after starting walking – and it’s all ok! We are all different, aren’t we :)? When it comes to nappies, One-Size/BTP will normally last till potty training but in terms of weight it’s around 15-17kg (33-27lbs). And what we find that sometimes nappies are needed beyond that weight. Recently some brands started looking into this requirements and developed Junior Reusable Cloth Nappy ranges. This varies from brand to brand but you can find in the market nappies that fit even to 25kg (55lbs).


The younger baby, the more nappy changes is required. A baby younger than 4 months old may need up to 12 nappy changes a day. It gets better between 4-12 months and on average you’ll need 8-10 changes a day. Over 12months this number gets even lower. In order to calculate how many nappies you’ll need, you have to decide how often you’re planning to do laundry. For everyday wash you’ll most likely need 2 sets of nappies (when 1 set is in the wash, then the 2nd set is in use). If you prefere to wash every second day, then you’ll need 3 sets. Just worth bearing in mind that if you’re planning to use nappies that require longer drying time (e.g. AIO), you will need to invest in extra nappies to allow time for drying.


The most important washable nappy accessory is either a dedicated bucket or a wetbag where you will be storing wet/dirty nappies until you’re ready to wash. And being honest, this is the only accessory that you require in oder to switch to cloth. However there is many other usefull product that you may find very helpful on your journey!


Switching to cloth reusable nappies is a great time to swap your disposable wipes onto washable ones. You will be doing laundry frequently and using washable wipes is super easy! Some brand offer really nice, soft, absorbent wipes, some come with little containers and essential oils and are great on the go. But you are also good to do some wipes yourself. You can use any fabric, some flannel would be best bet. Cut in pieces, use pinking shears to cut around the edge of the wipes or sew the edges to keep the wipes from unraveling. Voila, reusable wipes ready :).

reusable wipes


When you start weaning you may find liners to be really helpful to sort out poops. You will find both disposable and reusable liners available in the market. They help to prevent your cloth nappies getting soiled and make nappy changes much easier. Reusable liners are normally made of fleece and do not absorb moisture.


Nappy pods are very usefull when going out and about. Nappy pods are made of waterresistant PUL fabric. They feature a strap so you can hang the nappy pod on a buggy, doorknob or hook. You can also use the nappy pod to prepare the nappies for daycare. Check out our selection of nappy pods.


CLOTH BUM LEG WARMERS – are a great addition to your reusable nappy stash for colder autumn and winter days. If you want to keep your baby warm at home but don’t want to cover up their cute printed cloth nappy, the leg warmers will be great solution. Not only look pretty and let you see the cloth nappy bum but also are very practical. You don’t have to take of many layers of clothing when you need to change the baby. Check out our selection of Cosy Toesy Cloth Bum Leg Warmers.


Talk to us! If you are unsure where to start, how to use a particular system, you are getting leaks and can’t figure out why, just contact our friendly customer service and I will be delighted to answer your questions.

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