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Superpee is 450gsm weight rainbow

The Little Q-DOS Nappy is a kind of hybrid flat/fitted nappy. It confronts all the problem areas which have been reported with other Modern Cloth Nappies. The Q-DOS dries as fast as a bamboo terry square, really does fold down to fit a tiny newborn baby, and really does last right through to potty training, even for a late training humungous chunky monkey. It is probably the most efficient nappy there is.

It’s a full system Q-DOS nappy + 2 inserts

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As it is part of a 2 part system, there are no laminate problems anyway

The reason it dries so quickly is that it opens out to a single thickness for washing and drying.

The reasons it will fit from tiny is because it has 2 optional inserts, which are added as your child grows. The ‘shell’ of the nappy folds down back AND front so it will fit even the tiniest baby. As your baby grows, you decrease the folds, and add the inserts, so absorption increases, with the size of the nappy. Because you will have a nappy cover, the actual fit around the legs is unimportant.

There is no elastic anywhere in the nappy, so it will leave no marks on your baby’s skin, and there is no elastic to fail. (A problem which frequently occurs  with elasticated nappies.)

There is no velcro which can both do damage to nappies and babies tummies.

There are no snaps to break or come off.

You will need a nappy cover – this is a 2 part nappy system, which is far more efficient than pocket or All In One nappies. Either PUL cover, or  wool cover. I would always recommend a wool cover for night times.

This is a nippa/pin fastening nappy so you may need to order some nappy nippa.

  • Because this is an entirely new design, the producer suggests that you play with all the folds for a while, so you understand exactly how the adjustments work.
  • “Right” and “left” refers to YOUR right and left.
  • The widest part of the nappy will be referred to as the wings
  • The long part of the nappy will be referred to as the tongue.
  • Once the tongue is doubled or tripled, it will be referred to as the flap
  • Superpee is 450gsm weight rainbow

Other tips

Do not regularly wash above 60ºC

For best results use a full dose of washing powder, preferably Bio, rather than liquid.

Use a long wash programme.

Give nappies a cold rinse or cold quick wash before your main wash, and an extra rinse after

These nappies will air dry overnight on an indoor airer

Preferably line dry. DO NOT tumble on high heat. Do not place directly on a heated surface or radiator to dry.

For a video showing how to adjust the nappy go to our Youtube video.


Newborn Babies – 5-10 lbs approximately
  1. Fold the top of the wings down a couple of inches (or even more) at the top, behind the main part of the nappy. This fold can be played with and reduced as your baby grows.
  2. Fold the tongue lengthwise in 3, so it is triple thickness (or even 4 thicknesses, if your baby is very tiny)
  3. Lay your baby with his/her waist at the top of the back of the nappy
  4. Pull the flap made by the tongue up between your baby’s legs.
  5. Pull the left wing across his/her tummy, pulling it tight around his/her back, and tucking it any excess back under in front
  6. Pull the right wing across his/her tummy, and again fold any excess underneath itself, so the fold comes to the middle of the front of the flap.
  7. Use a nappy nippa to hold the nappy in place.
  8. Tuck up about 1” around the top of each leg
  9. Add a nappy cover – either a PUL wrap, such as a Nature Babies wrap, or a wool nappy cover
Young babies – 9-12 lbs approx
  1. Fit as above, but lessen the first fold, and reduce the tongue to 2 thicknesses if necessary.
Toddlers 12-20lbs approx
  1. As above, but there is no need to fold down the back of the nappy at this stage. Adjust the length of the tongue, to fit, and add one insert inside the tongue folds if necessary, to increase absorbency.
  2. Tuck under about 1″ around the top of each leg.
  3. Add a nappy cover – either a PUL wrap or a wool nappy cover
Larger babies
  1. As above, but use two inserts if necessary, to further increase absorbency.
  2. Tuck under about 1″ around the top of each leg.
  3. Add a nappy cover – either a PUL wrap or a wool nappy cover

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