La Petite Ourse Washable Liners – 10 pack


Make changing nappies even easier! Put a sheet inside the nappy and, with its width and thickness, it will protect against whatever your baby throws at it!

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Quantity: 10 sheets
Size: 13 X 26.5 CM
Composition: 100% polyester

Simply place these reusable liners inside your baby’s diaper to make diaper changing even easier! The liner will let all liquids through and retain anything solid (even solids that are more on the liquid side of things ;-). All you need to do after that is to add them to the laundry along with your dirty diapers (remember to remove all solids before placing the liner in the wash).

We recommend having at least 20 liners for those who would like to use our reusable liners all of the time.

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