Green Zero Waste Fitted BambEvo BTP Night Nappy (Bamboo – Evolon®)


A super thirsty fitted night nappy made of 400g/m2 bamboo fabric and Evolon®.

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The nappy is made of 2 layers bamboo fabric (400g/m2). Inside you will find a layer of innovative super slim fabric Evolon®. When you fold flaps to the center you get 9 layers of a super absorbent combo!

It’s an amazing night nappy and it’s aborbs the moisture by it’s full surface. It requires a waterresistant cover/wrap to be put on top of it (either PUL or wool).

It’s been designed following an idea of Zero Waste – die cut maximises usage of the fabric. It’s very soft and great for little legs. Elastics should not leave any marks.

Size BTP (Birth-to-Potty) is dedicated for babies from approx 8 – 15kg.

Evolon® fabric:

  • dries super quickly
  • Ultra Slim and lightweight maintaining very good absorbency
  • hipoallergenic
  • durable
  • produced using a unique textile manufacturing process invented by Freudenberg. Endless bi-component filaments are spun, uniformly laid on a belt, then simultaneously split into microfilaments and entangled using high pressure water jets to create the final fabric.
  • No solvents or chemical binders are used in the process.

Made of: 2 layer of bamboo fabric(400g/m2), 1 layer of Poliester 70% Poliamid 30%


how to wash it:
A brand new nappy should be washed before first use. It takes 6-8 washes to reach maximum absorbency.
It is recommended to wash the nappy in max 60 C.
Do not iron, do not bleach, can be tumble dried on low heat

Fabrics are Oeko Tex Certified for the safety of your baby.

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