EasyMe Reusable Nappy size 4 (6kg – 10kg)


EasyMe is a brand dedicated for parents new to cloth to help them make an easy switch. It is also a great solution for a daycare, every auntie, grandma, grandad or a childminder will be able to easily fit the EasyMe!

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The EasyMe reusable nappy is an innovative solution dedicated to parents new to cloth.

The EasyMe reusable nappy is almost as easy to use as a disposable nappy, so everyone will be able to handle it ๐Ÿ™‚
Do you use disposable nappies? Just choose your size and try the easy reusable nappy alternative!

EasyMe nappies are available in 4 sizes, corresponding to the size of disposable ones*

The EasyMe nappy fit just like pants! It is designed to ensure that the nappy does not affect baby’s moves and the baby is very comfortable in it. The fabric at the back is ultra thin and there is no excess of the fabric at the front neither between the legs. If your baby started crawling or walking, this design will be great and with trousers on you won’t be even able to tell whether the baby is in a cloth nappy or not!

Nappy’s features:
โ€“ EasyMe nappy is made of 2 layers high-quality PUL. The PUL is made of recycled polyester. This is a big step towards protecting the environment! When you choose EasyMe nappies, not only you don’t produce extra garbage, but you also use recyclable materials.
โ€“ Each EasyMe reusable nappy comes with 1 absorbent insert and 1 absorbent booster and this combo gives you an amazing absorbency.
โ€“ The insert and booster are made of an innovative ULTRA-THIN fabric (Evolonยฎ), covered from both sides with a soft bamboo/organic cotton fabric
โ€“ Carefully chosen fabrics make the nappy super-thirsty and remain soft even after dozens of washing cycles
โ€“ Inserts in sizes 0/1 and 2/3 have practical gussets โ€“ sides that protect leakage in smaller children, very helpful during pre-weaning stage
โ€“ Inserts in sizes 4 and 5 are intended for larger babies, they do not have the gussets but instead are wide-back to maximise the absorbency and minimise the risk of getting the PUL cover soiled.
โ€“ Rolled elastics at the legs โ€“ ensures perfect, snug fit and minimise the chance of the sock marks
โ€“ Adjustment at the waist with a super soft, high-quality hook&loop
โ€“ Ai2 snaps system in the PUL cover allow you to attach a dedicated EasyMe insert with ease
โ€“ The inserts can be tumble dried!

size 0/1 (2.5kg – 5kg)

size 2/3 (4kg – 7kg)

size 4 (6 – 10kg)

size 5 (9 -16kg)


*The weight of the child is approximate and depends on the baby’s built.

Note! Always hold the material when opening the snaps to avoid damaging it.

*the size chart of various disposable nappy brands may also vary, but this is to give you a rough idea where to start. If your baby uses disposables size 1, try with EasyMe 0/1. If you baby currently uses size 4, best bet will be to get EasyMe in size 4. It’s still dependant on baby’s built, but this is same with baby clothes etc :).

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