Cotton Prefold With Elastics


Cotton prefold – can be spanned with a snappi or fold as an insert.

Thanks to the elastics, prefold fits the child better.


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Prefold is an insert in the form of a square, which can be folded into the shape of a diaper, or use as a classic insert. In the middle of the prefold there are more absorbent layers to strengthen the absorbency in this area.

This specific type of Magabi prefolds has sewn-inn elastic bands at the legs area, which allows to better adjust the insert to the child and prevent possible leakage of the contents of the diaper on the diaper cover.


The materials used for the production of Magabi diapers are manufactured in Poland and the EU and have safety certificates.



About the item:

– made of knitted fabric, making it resilient and comfortable for your child

– rounded corners

– delicate elastics

– the material does not become rough after washing


Dimensions after stretching the elastic bands:

NB 31×29 (2.5-6kg) *

M 39×35 (7-10kg) *


* The weight of the child is approximate and depends on the body structure.


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