Bells Bumz 10Pk Bamboo Washable Wipes 14x18cm


10pk of Bamboo Wipes.

18cm x 14cm

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Bells Bumz wipes are made from 2 layers of bamboo so are also perfect as a slim booster for your nappies.

Bamboo is super absorbent, supersoft and naturally anti-bacterial so what is not to love?

You have one grippy side made from bamboo terry, and one lovely soft fluffy side made from bamboo velour.

Perfect for cleaning mucky bottoms or even hands & faces or even as a super slim booster for your nappies!


Pack includes 10 individual wipes

Machine washable 40c

Makes a brilliant washable reusable cleaning wipes with so many uses!

💙 Happy Cloth Nappying 💙

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