2 pack of Cloth Sanitary Pad – Day – Cactus & Fuchsia


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Length: 23cm

Designed to be used during the day, our cloth sanitary pads are soft and cheerful. Their grey charcoal bamboo interior is designed to avoid stubborn stains. No need to rub!

Made of PUL (backing) , the three layers of bamboo will keep you dry.

Maintenance: Rinse after each use. Dry them before adding them to your laundry basket. Wash with your usual detergent.

What is PUL?
Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) is a fabric created by applying an impermeable film to one side of the fabric. It allows waterproofing and breathable qualities, while retaining the other features of the original fabric. Originally designed for hospitals, it is strong, flexible, breathable, lightweight and can be washed frequently.

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