All In One Mini OS 3.5 - 10KG

AIO (All-in-One) nappy is the most convenient system, the nappies have everything you need built in (outer: waterproof layer, inner: absorbent part). They do not require a separate cover, insert or fastener. Just simply put it on as a disposable, the only difference is that you wash it after use instead of throwing away.

– Quick
– Super easy
– Extra absorbent

AIO is a great choice especially if your baby is very active, starts to stand up and walk, as it may be quite difficult to put on prefolds or flats and covers. AIOs are often used if you need quick changes or for childcare.

AIO size Mini OS has been designed for babies from approx. 3.5kg – 10kg, so you can start pretty early and you are getting a great fit on you little one.

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Showing all 2 results