Reusable Cloth  Nappy

I was hesitant whether to share this story but I have so many lovely customers that I feel I ought to.

Being a small business is amazing. I put all the efforts to make your buying experience smooth and enjoyable. Starting from browsing the website, through the range selection, customer service, up to packing your orders. I can only achieve this as I do it all on my own. I even recognise customers names from the repeated orders! Every single custom makes my day and putting the finishing touches to your orders truly makes me happy <3.

However there are challenges when you are the only person responsible for everything. In case of an emergency, there is no one who can replace you. 🙁 My dad who lives abroad had an accident and I took some time off to help caring for him. He was required to run some additional diagnostics and I decided to stay with him for few more days than originally planned. On a daily basis I strive to provide a very quick turnaround but on this occassion I am not able to ship your orders until 16/10/2021. I’m sure if you were me you would do the same thing but I still feel upset I can’t provide you with the usual service for the time being.

To make up for the waiting time I am launching a sale across the store. See the details below!

*15% OFF on all products apart from the new Bells Bumz Amber Collection and the Clearance Section. The discount is automatically applied at the checkout.

10% OFF on Bells Bumz Amber Collection. The discount is automatically applied at the checkout.

Apart from that you are getting FREE shipping on all orders over £30.

Bells Bumz amber Collection

Bells Bumz Amber Collection is launching on 13/10/2021 at 12:00PM. KidVentiv will stock almost full range including the most be-loved Reusabelles BreeZe wraps. Browse the products in Amber collection category.

The offer is valid until end of 19/10/2021.

Thank you everyone for your continuous support.

Dora x