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Confused by reusable nappies? Try EasyMe!

A newborn baby in a reusable nappy

Are you considering using cloth nappies with your baby? That’s great! You have the motivation, you do your research, start reading, watching videos. But are you a little confused? I’m not surprised, everyone is. I was very confused at the beggining!

You may think ‘where do I start with the reusable nappies?’.

The amount of information at the very beginning may be overwhelming. New terminology. Various nappy systems. Different fabrics. Even though it’s easier than you think, you still need to spend the time on learning all that. And let’s be honest, who has got spare time especially with a newborn baby 🙂 ? And you are not even sure whether you’ll like using cloth long term.

a newborn baby in EasyMe nappy
A newborn baby in EasyMe Nappy size 0/1

That’s why EasyMe nappy has been invented! You don’t have to learn any lingo, you just get a ready solution. Put on EasyMe, change it, wash it, dry it and repeat. Simple as that. No leaks, no struggles finding ‘perfect fit’, just as easy as a disposable. Just wash it and reuse instead of throwing away :D.

The EasyMe reusable nappy is dedicated especially for parents new to cloth. A lot of thought was put into making it so easy to switch.

Well Known Sizes

The sizes of EasyMe correspond to the common sizes of disposable nappies (from 0 to 5). Thanks to this solution, as a parent new to cloth nappies you do not have to learn about the new complicated sizes. You just buy the same size their child is currently using. If your baby is teeny tiny or you’re planning to start with cloth straight from birth, size 0/1 will be the best for you. If your baby currently uses size 4, best bet will be to get EasyMe in size 4. It’s still dependant on baby’s built, but this is the same with baby clothes etc :). The EasyMe nappy is designed to ensure that the nappy does not affect baby’s moves and the baby is very comfortable in it.

No front poppers

EasyMe diapers are not adjustable in length. It is a great help for people who are taking their first steps in the cloth nappying. There is no problem of excess material in the elastic area, you don’t have to worry how to get the perfect fit as you already get that! It’s also super straightforward for daycare, they don’t have to be familiar with cloth at all, they just put this nappy in the same way as they would put a disposable on.

Super soft Hook&Loop closure

EasyMe nappies are fastened with hook&loop, just like disposable ones. The parent or guardian will not have to worry about a new type of fastening, which are snaps. The use of hook&loop closure increases the convenience of using reusable nappies. If you came across similar fastening before and you were not a fan trust me, EasyMe’s hook&loop is different! EasyMe uses supersoft hook&loop and it’s designed in a way that is not exposed, so will not touch baby’s skin anyway.

Rolled elastics

The elastics in the EasyMe cover are hidden inside the nappy. Thanks to such a construction of the shell, elastics don’t get wet and the risk of leaks is minimal. The rolled elsatics allow for a secured fit, the insert lasts long and it is definitely more likely that the cover can be reused by replacing the insert only.

Super thirsty with innovative solution

Each EasyMe nappy comes with a dedicated absorbent insert (Bamboo/Organic Cotton + Evolon) and a booster. You don’t have to think what insert to choose! The absorbency of the insert has been adapted to the needs of most children, up to 3 hours, which is the optimal time a child should spend in one nappy. Despite their high absorbency, EasyMe are ultra-thin.

Ecological Raw Materials

The top layer of the nappy (the cover) is made of recycled polyester! This is a big step towards protecting the environment! When you choose EasyMe nappies, not only you don’t produce extra garbage, but you also use recyclable materials. The inner layer of the absorbent insert and booster is made of the innovative Evolon® material, which, apart from its incredible absorbency, is also ecological. The manufacturer of this material received a special award for the water recycling process used during its production.


EasyMe nappies are affordable. When you buy EasyMe, you get a complete nappy and you don’t need any extras! 

A baby in EasyMe Reusable Nappy size 0/1
A baby in EasyMe Reusable Nappy size 0/1

Why don’t try EasyMe today? <3

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