About Us

Welcome to KidVentiv!

Hi, my name is Dora and I am a WAHM running the KidVentiv shop.

When me and my hubby started trying for a baby in 2017 I was diagnosed with some health condition.

This is when my mindset completely changed. It’s when I started focussing on health, body and our environment. I finally paid attention to what we eat and what ingredients/chemicals are being used in the products we use on a daily basis.So when we were blessed with the baby no1, we wanted to provide all the best to him. And this is when I came across cloth nappies. The longer I researched, the more I LOVED the idea!

I didn’t realise there is so many options available and that changing nappies can be actually fun, not only duty! Modern nappies are lovely looking, healthier than disposables and help saving our planet all at the same time. Is that not amazing?
I believe that having so many options to choose from can be overwhelming at the start, so I would like to invite you to like my facebook page where I am planning to share info about cloth nappying.

In KidVentiv shop I currently have a small collection of pocket nappies, AIO (All-In-One) nappies, inserts, accessories available in stock. I keep working on expanding the range, so everyone can find something suitable. I try to focus on high quality products and unique designs.

If you have any questions or seeking advise, please message me directly.

Happy Cloth Nappying <3